Ariz. Hustler Hollywood Location to Become Preschool

Tod Hunter
TEMPE, Ariz. — The Hustler Hollywood store in Tempe, which opened with great fanfare in late 2006 and was visited by Hustler founder Larry Flynt and performer Tera Patrick in summer 2007 before closing in May 2008, is now being repurposed as a preschool.

City officials talked about restrictions on adult stores soon after the store opened but no laws were passed. The store sold mostly lingerie and did not exceed the 30 percent threshold of sexually explicit material to qualify under local laws as an adult business.

Officials of Hustler Hollywood said at the time of the closure that the location for the store was poor because it had little foot traffic. The location itself is between two large apartment complexes and near scores of single-family houses.

A temporary sign posted on the front of the building over the holes left when the letters of the Hustler Hollywood sign was removed offers the name of the preschool and a telephone number.

Representatives of the preschool were unavailable for comment when XBIZ called the company's main office.