Raging Stallion Sparring With 'Muscle Studs 2'

JC Adams
SAN FRANCISCO — Production house Raging Stallion Studios has prepped a second round of "Muscle Studs" all-male sexplay for the wholesale-retail market.

The five-scene compilation collects three vignettes — originally released in 2000 and 2001 — from the studio's long-running "SexPack" series along with scenes from "HardSex" (2004) and "Knight After Night" (2005). Featured sexcapades focus on mature, muscular and often hirsute men enacting aggressive, coercive encounters.

Bodybuilders Eric Evans and Brent Baines are featured in a vignette from "SexPack One: Four Tight Tales" while musclemen Frank Parker and Joe Stack anchor a vignette culled from "SexPack Two: A Kinky Twist."

Stack returns with Matt McGrath in a scene from "SexPack Five: Dirty Deeds" while Parker also is featured in a threeway from "HardSex" with JC Carter and Bo Knight.

Final scene from "Knight After Night" — via director JD Slater's subsidiary label Centurion Pictures XXX — puts the spotlight on fan-favorite performers François Sagat and Tony Serrano.

"These are handpicked, classic scenes," said a studio rep. The vignettes "demonstrate the ultimate beauty of macho mansex."

The initial "Muscle Studs" installment featuring Dean Coulter, Bryce Pierce and Tom Vacarro was released mid-April. For sales inquiries, visit Raging Stallion online or call (877) 327-0707.