Original ToiBocks Picked Up By Hustler Hollywood

Anne Winter
WEST HILLS, Calif. — Discreet storage solution provider ToiBocks has signed a deal with Hustler Hollywood to stock its original ToiBocks jewelry box in its regional retail chain.

Designed as a jewelry box, the ToiBocks features a hidden lock mechanism that, when opened, reveals a storage area ideal for hiding anything the owner wants kept a secret.

ToiBocks President Dawn Tulman told XBIZ that she is elated to be working with Hustler Hollywood because the company understands how essential merchandising is to promote sales, and the company’s corporate buyer, Hollie Petillo, truly understands the product.’

“Hustler gets the importance of merchandising,” Tulman said. “The hardest challenge for my company is making the retailer understand that customers want this product.”

Petillo said it took her several attempts to open the ToiBocks, which helped her realize the product is the perfect way to store items that one would not want out in the open.

“One of the display signs that comes with a ToiBocks order says, ‘Are you smarter than a customs agent?’” Petillo said. “Well, as it turns out, I’m not! What an amazing way to keep your favorite secrets away from prying eyes! But this isn’t just a functional storage solution — the rich cherry wood finish and the soft velvet-lined storage compartments inside make ToiBocks an elegant compliment to any bedroom.”

Tulman said it’s imperative that her product be stocked by stores like Hustler whose staff understand there’s more to selling the product than merely sticking it on a shelf.

“[On display,] it’s paired with toys,” Tulman said. “Other stores might put it on a shelf, but with it on table [with product], it makes thought more cohesive. Customers say, ‘Wow I can keep my stuff in there.’ No product, no matter how innovate, is going to sell itself. Someone has to make the pitch, understand the price points, functionality, that you’re not just paying for a jewelry box, you’re paying for privacy.”

Customers can find the original ToiBocks in all nine Hustler Hollywood locations across the country. For more information email sales@toibocks.com or call (818) 392-8558.