Francesca Le Streets ‘MILF Worship 8’

VENICE, Calif. — “MILF Worship 8,” directed by Francesca Le, is available this week from Exquisite.

“It wasn’t that long ago that a woman performing after 30 seemed almost freakish,” Le said. “It was virtually unheard of. It says a lot that fans have received this kind of product so openly. I don’t see it as a trend, I see it as an important offering to an audience that wants to see more than 18-year-olds getting rear-ended.”

The movie stars Natalie Rosa, Shayla Lavoux, Jennifer Adams, Genna Eve and Lexi Stone.

“We lined up some really great talent for this volume,” Le said. “It’s so important to get the right performers and to match them up right. The ladies are absolutely beautiful and the guys really do them right.”