UC San Diego Bans Adult Programming

Gretchen Gallen
SAN DIEGO – The University of San Diego student council voted yesterday to place a ban on sexually explicit programming on the university’s student-run closed circuit television station.

The decision was spurred by a vigorous student debate on the issue after the station ran a student-made porn series several times over the past few months.

The 12-5 council vote comes on the heels of an ongoing university-wide discussion on how to deal with sexually explicit programming in light of free speech issues and current federal limitations on explicit television programming.

The show in question, “Koala TV,” featured ongoing episodes of a male student and an adult actress engaging in sex acts and was most recently broadcast on campus and over the UCSD website in its most explicit episode to date.

"Koala TV" has been airing since the spring, and like all UCSD closed circuit television, it is funded by student fees. But the UCSD administration has been swamped with phone calls from concerned parents over the sex programming.

The male student behind the porn series has threatened to sue if his series is yanked, but administrators have countered his threats by saying that the decision is entirely up to the student body.

At first the council decided to suspend the programming while the issue was debated and put a hold on broadcasting nudity or graphic sex on campus. But after the more explicit 30-minute episode was aired, the council decided on an all-out ban.