Webmaster Central Unveils 14 Revamped Feeds

LOS ANGELES — Adult content providers Webmaster Central have revamped 14 popular feeds.

The 14 feeds have been released in Webmaster Central's popular Flash format and have been digitally remastered. All feeds now running in multiple speeds on multiple platforms include the company's exclusive iFeed for iPhone and other 3G users. The 14 feeds cover multiple niches including amateur, anal, oral, teen, group, blonde, mature and big tits.

"This change has made a significant improvement to these already popular feeds," Webmaster Central President Andy Alvarez said. "The player is much larger, more clear, and the load times are faster showing a huge upside for our clients. These regularly updated feeds are going to be a hit in any members area".

Webmaster Central is inviting potential customers to have a look at the new feeds using the username and password combination of summer09/summer09.