Goalie’s Wedelstedt: Charges Have Been Dismissed

Rhett Pardon
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Goalie Entertainment’s Eddie Wedelstedt, in a statement released Tuesday, said he has entered into a tentative settlement with federal prosecutors on obscenity, racketeering and tax evasion charges.

“The government has agreed to dismiss all charges against Goalie and all of its subsidiaries,” Wedelstedt said in the statement obtained by XBiz. “The government has also agreed that it will not bring any additional charges against Goalie and any present or former employee."

Wedelstedt in March was indicted with six other individuals, including his wife and company, in U.S. District Court in Dallas. In the course of a five-year investigation of Wedelstedt and Goalie, hundreds of thousands of documents were seized by federal prosecutors. The probe resulted in 23 charges, 18 of them obsenity counts.

The obscenity charges stemmed from the sale of six videotapes and DVDs deemed by a grand jury to contain “patently offensive depictions of adults performing sexual conduct.” The titles named in the indictment are “American Bukkake 7,” “American Bukkake 8,” “Cumshots 4,” “Gangbang Angels 11,” “1 In The Pink, 1 In The Stink 5” and “Tits and Ass 8.” Each obscenity count carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Hank Asbill, Goalie’s legal counsel, told XBiz that the settlement with prosecutors has not yet been approved or even submitted to the court.

Nevertheless, Wedelstedt, who owns 53 adult companies under the Goalie Entertainment Holdings Inc. banner, expressed relief in a message directed to vendors and employees.

"I want to give each of you my heartfelt thanks for all your efforts and prayers during the last five years,” Wedelstedt said. “You made, and I know you will continue to make Goalie a great company. Together, we can now look forward to building on all those past accomplishments, making Goalie the best that it can be.

"I also want to express my gratitude to all vendors who have worked with Goalie during trying times. I know the industry has been in my corner throughout the ordeal. Thank you again for believing in me and the liberties we as a family have sought to protect."