AEBN Scores VOD Exclusive on Dark Alley's 'Crude'

Tod Hunter
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — AEBN is exclusively offering Dark Alley Media's oil-themed gay title "Crude."

In "Crude," 10 oil refinery workers find their labor makes them too hot to control their urges, turning the warehouse into an orgy — using oil as lube. "Crude" offers viewers bareback action with Owen Hawk — who also directed — Andy Kirra, Daxx Reed, Ian McQueen,Wylie Todd, Lars Svenson, Jay Scorpio, Marcelo Masko and Paris.

Dark Alley Media celebrated Crude's DVD release at the 2009 International Mr. Leather Conference in Chicago in May.

"I'm thrilled that our titles have been such a success on AEBN," Dark Alley performer/director Owen Hawk said. "I feel that Crude will be the best co-production we've done to date on the network."

The exclusive on "Crude" comes as part of AEBN's partnership with Dark Alley Media, which started in March 2008 and has offered titles including "Shockwave" and "Junkyard Cumholes" exclusively through AEBN.

"We have had a very fruitful partnership with Dark Alley," AEBN's Chris Baker said. "Like our other projects, 'Crude' has been a major success and we look forward to more in the future."

"Crude" is now available throughout the AEBN network.