Adult Profit Offers Dynamic FLV Ad Rotator

Stephen Yagielowicz
LOS ANGELES — Adult webmaster affiliate program Adult Profit has announced the release of a new marketing tool designed to rotate Flash-based advertisements.

Perhaps best known in the celebrity niche, Adult Profit recently released a series of FLV ads for three of its offerings,, and According to the company, these FLV ads have been very well received and are very popular with webmasters because of their powerful conversion rates.

Adult Profit's new FLV ad rotator automatically changes the ad listings on a webpage through the use of an iframe — a process which the company feels confident will enable webmasters to present a larger variety of fresh advertising material while at the same time removing the tedious task of updating those ads.

"Celebrity niche customers are well known for repeated impressions on the same webpage and dynamically delivered ads will provide fresh ad material every time," stated a company release. "This [new tool] dramatically increases the chances that a customer will be presented with an ad that will appeal to them."

"Two of our top priorities are keeping ad content on our webmaster's websites current so that they continue to make great sales, and making life easier for our webmasters," stated a company spokesperson. "We are very proud of this new FLV ad rotator because it accomplishes both goals so nicely."