Michael Lucas Wins 'Ugly Betty' Cameo

JC Adams
NEW YORK CITY — Performer, director and Lucas Entertainment CEO Michael Lucas is set to appear in a walk-on role on the ABC television series "Ugly Betty." He won the cameo during a charity auction.

The auction was held during the 2009 Stonewall Community Foundation Dinner last night in New York City, which Lucas attended with his husband, Richard Winger.

"The live auction started with a walk-on role in 'Ugly Betty' and I immediately knew: I have to get this," Lucas writes in an entry posted to his official blog at LucasBlog.com.

"Of course I wanted to give money to Stonewall. But I also saw a chance to shake up television a bit [with] the first porn star cameo ever on a family program," he said.

Lucas termed the main television networks as "extremely pornphobic. Porn stars are very much in demand but the media still like to see us kept in our box. So I saw an opportunity here to speed up the progression."

Bidding for the cameo role started at $1000 and increased to $10,000. "Then it became a duel between me and another gentleman," Lucas said. The auction stalled at $14,000 when the other bidder dropped out. However, the eventual price rose to $18,000 when the auctioneer encouraged "friends and supporters" in the audience to contribute to Lucas’ bid.

"It felt great to give all that porn money to Stonewall," Lucas said. "And it also felt great to put out a challenge to mainstream TV. How will ABC deal with a porn star on one of its prime time programs? I am curious to see how this will play out."

"I am not suggesting that my little walk-on will change the world. But I hope it will be one step taking us out of the privacy of people’s bedrooms and onto a larger stage. And I hope the American public will enjoy seeing a porn star as a real person, not just a hot body."

Lucas told XBIZ he expects to learn within a few days whether his erotic career will prevent him from appearing on the show.