Maleflixxx Japan Tuned Up for Local Consumers

JC Adams
TORONTO — Sureflix Digital Distribution, parent company of all-male video-on-demand network, has gone live with upgrades to their Japanese sister site.

The updates to the two-year-old were a collaboration with partner Argo Studio.

Its improvements include "more Japanese translations in order to make the experience more enjoyable for Japanese users," a Maleflixxx rep said.

"It has only been within the past two years that demand for VOD has started to increase in Japan," said Argo's Naoko Furuki. "With DVD sales in a downturn and consumers not wanting to go out of their way to purchase adult entertainment, internet distribution has become a topic of conversation within Asian markets."

The Maleflixx rep said "a fully integrated marketing campaign" is in the works to hype the Japanese site. They will work more closely with translators as well as "a company that understands cultural nuances" in order to properly track and manage local trends.

"While we at Maleflixxx are constantly looking to create new product offerings for our customers, we also look tirelessly for ways to enhance our current products," said Eric Johnson, president and CEO of Sureflix.

"By increasing the amount of localization on and working with a strong partner like Argo Studio, we ensure a genuine experience for the Japanese customer," he said.