Doc Johnson Debuts Platinum Silicone

Anne Winter
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult novelty manufacturer Doc Johnson has released a collection of platinum-grade silicone dongs, dildos and plugs, the company’s first foray into using what it calls “hygienically superior” material.

Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson’s director of product development and licensing, told XBIZ that the company is looking to become in integral player in the high-end platinum silicone market, which as of yet is comprised of only a handful of manufacturers.

“It’s not about the number of companies doing something, or who those companies are,” Braverman said. “For Doc it’s about offering our consumers a choice. It’s about evolving and expanding what we do best, which is ‘Made in USA’ manufacturing.”

The first step to creating the Platinum line was to transform part of the company’s onsite manufacturing facility and make it compliant to platinum silicone production standards, which included creating a completely sterile environment.

“We worked rigorously with various experts in the silicone market to make sure we had the facility necessary to produce this line correctly,” Braverman said. “The end result is a designated space devoted specifically to silicone manufacturing that is truly incredible.”

The Platinum line is comprised of 10 classic shapes previously released by Doc Johnson in other materials and formats. Braverman said the company used these popular shapes to make the line’s debut, and the plan is to expand it to include unique shapes and grow to become the No. 1 silicone manufacturer in the business.

“Our shapes and designs are iconic, and if we have the ability to share those shapes with a consumer who wants a superior product at a premium price, then it is our duty to do so,” Braverman said.

Doc Johnson appears to be poised and ready to break into the silicone market and create new competition. Specialty packaging also was designed to accompany the new items to assist storeowners and clerks understand the line’s most important selling points.

“No single company can deliver all the products this market is looking for,” Braverman said. “Platinum is looking to become an integral player in this market, and assist in it achieving new heights. This being Doc’s first foray into the silicone market, it’s important to make a splash. We believe we have created the product and the packaging to do this.”

Doc Johnson’s sales team will be on hand to educate direct customers and retail store employees of the benefits and selling points of silicone, but Braverman said he’s found that in this day and age, store owners, employees and even consumers are more savvy and aware of the benefits.

“I think we are entering a well established sector of the novelty industry,” Braverman said. “Today, retail store owners and employees know more about the products they sell than ever before. I think the same holds true for the end consumer.”

The Platinum collection includes the Classic, the Super 6”, and the Super 7” dongs based on the company’s Classic Dong and Ballsy Super Cock designs; and the Li’l End, the Big End, mirroring the Smooth Classic Butt Plug.

Rounding out the line are the King, the Groove, the Tool, the Dream and the Reach, based on popular shapes ranging from the award-winning Lucid Dreams to the Spectra Gel lines.

Platinum silicone is durable, heat retaining, odorless and dishwasher safe. The platinum-grade silicone used is the highest-grade material available in adult novelties today.

“We consistently look to develop ground-breaking products and materials that address our consumers’ demand,” Braverman said. “It was essential for Doc Johnson to enter the silicone market with a bang and we’re here to stay.”