David Taylor Toplines Dark Sexpic 'Port of Entry'

JC Adams
SAN FRANCISCO — Newcomer David Taylor toplines all-male "Port of Entry" chronicling the dark, moody sexcapades of longshoremen, dock workers and shady port denizens. Sexpic is a Raging Stallion Studios production.

The film was helmed by Tony Dimarco, a recent XBIZ Award winner for Best Director (shared with Ben Leon and Chris Ward) for Raging Stallion's "To the Last Man" cowboy epic.

“Port of Entry” was inspired by director Rainer Werner Fassbinder's surreal 1982 film "Querelle" — itself adapted from a Jean Genet novel — about a young, lissome sailor caught up in murder, sexual manipulation and deception.

Dimarco's twist on the story "looks back to a time of longshoremen, sailors and leather bikers when sex was just for getting off and it didn't matter how you did it, just so long as you did," a studio rep said.

Taylor, a Raging Stallion exclusive, is first partnered with stablemate Logan McCree, and later with fellow newcomer Bruno Bond. Featured players include Zack Jamison, Tristan Jaxx, Pistol Pete and Tristan Phoenix.

Taylor also figures prominently among the DVD bonus features. He and Ethan Roberts are featured in a pair of solo masturbation vignettes and he and Bond are interviewed for a BTS segment.

The two-disc set of "Port of Entry" includes the 2003 Raging Stallion feature "Hard at Work" starring Carlos Morales and Shane Rollins.

Taylor can also currently be seen in the recent release "Menace" costarring Bond and Steve Cruz. For wholesale inquiries, visit Raging Stallion online or call (877) 327-0707.