Video Secrets’ GoKart500 Put Webmasters in the Fast Lane

CALABASAS, Calif. — Video Secrets hosted one of the most exciting webmaster events of the year to kickoff the XBIZ Summer Forum.

On June 2, dozens of webmasters left the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas to test their racing skills against each other in the inaugural Video Secrets GoKart500 event.

The evening of races featured many championship performances and winners like BrainCash Pat, Nick Amoroso from HustlerCash, Vegas Ken from, Chris Alex of Way3 Hosting and Chris Lebrun from AVN, who were all awarded $100 in cash each from Video Secrets.

"There was such a great group of webmasters in attendance and some of them were burning rubber around the track like professional drivers," said Brad Estes of Video Secrets. "Mixing an entertaining evening with an excellent opportunity for many adult business owners to make connections is what the night was all about, and based on the reaction from the crowd, our GoKart500 event achieved just that. We look forward to doing it all again!"

Video Secrets’ innovation continues as it launches, allowing affiliates to monetize traffic more easily by offering a lower consumer price point with the same high quality webcam content including popular Cam-2-Cam functionality during private shows.

"The Video Secrets GoKart500 was fantastic. I had such a great time," said Nick Amoroso, director of affiliate marketing for HustlerCash. "It was great to watch the exciting races and to get the chance to race against so many great people. Video Secrets should host the GoKart500 event every year, fast smooth web cam technology and even faster race cars. It all makes sense!"