Ricky Sinz Goes Solo, 3D for Dominic Ford

Bob Preston
NEW YORK — Gay adult producer Dominic Ford continues his foray into the third dimension with the addition of Raging Stallion exclusive performer Ricky Sinz to his selection of 3D content.

Sinz, whose contract gives him the option to do solo work with other studios, shot photos and videos for Ford in 2D, as well as both of Ford's 3D formats. One 3D format requires old-fashioned glasses to work, while the other uses a technique similar to "magic eye" illusions to generate a 3D image from two overlapping images.

"I was so excited when I first heard about DomincFord,com, and when I saw their 3D videos I was floored," Sinz said. "You really need to see it to believe it. Their videos are hot to begin with, and because they are in 3D, it seems like you are sitting right next to the actors. Choosing to work with Dominic was a no-brainer. His 3D technology is the future of this industry, and I am glad to be part of it. It's really the next best thing to being there."

Ford echoed that enthusiasm.

"The minute we heard Ricky was interested in working with us, we were ecstatic," he said. "He's a lifetime exclusive with Raging Stallion, so we never thought it would be possible. We are very fortunate that he is allowed to do solos, and that he chose to work with DominicFord.com. Seeing him in 3D will be a real treat to all his fans. Ricky is great to work with, and when you see how well he performs, it's obvious why he is one of the hottest adult stars working in the industry. This was a real treat for us."