2257Safe.com Opens for Business

Stephen Yagielowicz
LOS ANGELES — Third party custodian of records service, 2257Safe.com, has announced that it is now open for business.

Recent changes to the 18 USC '2257 and 28 CFR 75 statutes permit third party custodianship of '2257 records — a role which 2257Safe.com is stepping into — offering relative anonymity to performers and site owners who can now shield their personal name and home or office address information from being publicly displayed on their websites.

"2257Safe.com provides you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your 2257 records are safe, secure and organized," stated a company release. "2257Safe.com was designed to take the inherent hassle out of 2257 record keeping so you can focus your time on more important matters such as growing your business."

According to the company, 2257Safe.com was designed for the needs of the small to medium size primary and secondary producers with affordable membership plans to fit any budget; and was conceived and designed by a team of individuals who are extremely familiar with the requirements of the relevant laws, including adult industry attorney Michael Fattorosi; YTracker software developer Dan Underhill; and industry veteran Kevin Blatt; who together are uniquely qualified to understand client's needs when maintaining proper records.

"We have been designing and testing this system for more than six months," Blatt said. "As many companies who beta tested this product can attest, we have developed the best web-based solution for third party record keeping."

"All United States based adult companies need to keep their records current under 18 USC 2257, and we have developed a web-enabled system that everyone can use to manage their own records that is very user friendly and simple to learn," he added.

According to Blatt, 2257Safe.com's clients only pay for the hosting space required to store their records, not the number of records in their database; with the program's automatic file compression functionality providing file space savings of more than 90 percent over the original files that clients upload. Plans start at $9.99 per month for a gigabyte of storage.

"Since high quality, consumer-ready files are not needed for the sake of your records we can make sure you are only storing only the quality that is needed," Blatt added. "The system is hosted on PCI-DSS Servers [which are] the gold standard among security-based data storage [solutions] … and that translates into safety and security for your records."