Adult Toy Design Contest Extended

Tod Hunter
HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — Sex information group The Sinclair Institute and its retail website have extended their adult toy design contest until further notice, as the institute searches for the next great adult toy engineer/designer.

“We want to find and help as many cool designers as possible,” Marketing Director Martin Smith said. “We know there are creative homemade toys out there and one of them could be worth $100,000. Wish I had had that kind of help."

Last year, BetterSex awarded its Better Sex Toy of the Year medal to the We-Vibe, an innovative U-shaped silicone vibrator that can be used during intercourse.

A website has been established where designers can send pictures of a working homemade sex toy design with notes on how the sex toy works and materials used, or video of a working homemade sex toy design with notes or narrative on how the toy works and materials used, or scale drawings of a homemade sex toy design with notes on scale and size.

For all entries, copyright remains with the designer.

“We leave copyright with the creator as we do with our Fiction Contest,” Smith said. “We are granted a limited release to anonymously publish designs for a community vote. Rights to the design only transfer when we have a winner and if they sign a licensing deal.”

Information on the contest can be found at the website, which has links to the site to receive submissions and a complete list of rules and regulations.