Endurnz Male Enhancement Pill Hits Market

Steve Javors
LOS ANGELES — Over-the-counter male enhancement pill Endurnz has hit the market touting its 100 percent all-natural solution for improved sexual performance.

Adult star Kelly Divine is a partner in the new venture and says that Endurnz’s effects begin within 30 minutes and should be taken as an herbal supplement. The pill helps with blood flow, orgasm control, muscle strength and increased libido.

“The difference between Viagra and Endurnz is that Viagra is used to treat a medical condition,” Divine told XBIZ. “Endurnz is for healthy people that want to take their sex life to the next level by having longer and better sex; no prescription or doctor visits are necessary. Viagra gives an erection if you want it or not. Endurnz works when you want it to.”

Endurnz has been on the market for about a month and is available on its website, Endurnz.com, and at select stories. Divine said the company is exploring having the pills for sale at adult retail stores.

Divine has dipped her toes into the supplement market in order to expand her business from performer to businesswoman.

“My agent at the time, Andre from Double xXxposure, had always encouraged me to invest,” she said. “At some point the shoots will run out and he didn’t want me to be just some girl looking for her next shoot. So, he put things together for me. He hooked me up with someone he knew that was looking to get into the business and we just decided to start a pill company instead of shooting DVDs, which are dying at the moment.”

Endurnz claims to last up to four days and prices start at $21.75 for a three-pack.

For more information, email info@endurnz.com.