Topco Sales Offers List of Top Wedding Products

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Novelty manufacturer Topco Sales is offering a compilation of 50 top products for the wedding season.

The list features romantic gifts for the bride and groom as well as favors for bachelor and bachelorette parties.

"A lot of bridesmaids and groomsmen make that all-important stop to pick up games, novelties, and gifts for all the wedding festivities,” said Desiree Duffie, director of marketing and public relations for Topco Sales. “They need gag gifts for the bachelor party, games for the bachelorette party, sexy gifts for the happy couple on their honeymoon and more. Topco Sales offers a great selection to suit their needs. To make ordering and stocking up easier, we compiled this list for distributors and retailers."

The Topco Sales Top 50 Bachelor and Bachelorette List is available for free download.