Illegal Adult DVDs Seized in Australia

Tod Hunter
TUGGERAH, Australia — Thousands of illegal adult DVDs have been seized during raids on two adult entertainment stores in two suburban towns north of Sydney in New South Wales.

Australian law requires all DVDs to be given a rating by the governmentally sanctioned Classification Board. In Australia possession of explicit material is legal, but selling it is only legal in territories, not Australian states like New South Wales.

Specialist officers from Tuggerah raided the Central Coast stores at North Wyong and Tumbi Umbi about 10 a.m. Tuesday, police said.

Some 1,200 unclassified DVDs, carrying unauthorized XXX and X18+ ratings, were seized from the North Wyong address and 1,615 DVDs were taken from the Tumbi Umbi store.

"The seized DVDs have been transported to Wyong police station where they will be passed on to the Office of Film and (Literature) Classification," police said in a statement.

The store operators are expected to be issued court summons for possessing, selling or exhibiting illegally classified films.