Miami Dolphins to Unveil In-Game Cheerleader Cam

Bob Preston
MIAMI — In a move sure to satisfy any pro football fan who mourns the moment the camera cuts away from the cheerleaders, the Miami Dolphins will unveil a new in-game multimedia experience that includes a cam aimed at the scantily clad pom-pom squad.

Dolphins owner Steven Ross unveiled the handheld devices today, which will be made available to 5,000 fans willing to pay for the privilege to watch the game from multiple angles from their seat.

It's a 4.3-inch high-definition TV called the Kangaroo Gen III, and it'll provide fans with coverage of instant replays, field-level audio, fantasy football alerts, feeds of other games, as well as the option to buy food from their seats.

But the option that's causing the most chuckles is the cheerleader cam. Janie Campbell, blogging for NBC's Miami affiliate station, directed some good-natured scorn at the device, which will only be rented out to high-rollers.

"Of course, now that we think about the horror of everyone around us constantly saying, 'How do you turn this on? I can't hear! What does this button do? I need tech support,' maybe it won't be so bad to watch games the old-fashioned way, either," she said. "And by 'watch games the old-fashioned way,' we clearly mean 'bring binoculars so we can ogle the cheerleaders as usual.'"