Targets Bachelorette Partygoers With Toys

LOS ANGELES — With wedding season coming up, online adult novelty retailer is gearing up to equip women everywhere for their bachelorette parties.

“Adult toys have become a normal part of a couple’s relationship,” said Alyson Ruprecht, owner of "When it comes to providing lasting fun, an adult toy party has a number of advantages over the regular bachelorette party. Adult toys used to be taboo, and as a party theme it really breaks the ice and gets women talking about their relationships. Also, the toys provide a lasting benefit for when your future spouse is away from home or in need of a time out.”

Online shopping has made the hunt for the perfect adult party toys much more discreet and pleasant. Rather than going to the seedy part of town and furtively perusing the shelves in a store usually full of men, women get to relax and browse a wide selection of toys right from the privacy of their own home. Picking out an adult toy for yourself or your friends is as simple as checking your email.

Adult toy parties also are usually less expensive than hiring a stripper. These sensual parties make it easy for everyone to find a gift to bring without breaking the bank.

“We have toys that range from $10 to $300, so there’s something for everyone’s budget. Most people can find a great gift for less than 30 dollars,” Ruprecht said.