HotMovies, Antigua Pictures to Unveil Lost Footage of Ron Jeremy

Bob Preston
PHILADELPHIA — In June, Antigua Pictures will unveil the latest edition of its "Lost Footage" series, this time showcasing industry legend Ron Jeremy.

The "Lost Footage" series unearths old reels of adult stars from the past and present. The first edition featured busty adult legend Christy Canyon. The DVDs run about four hours and are available through VOD giant

Antigua and are touting the Ron Jeremy edition not only for its extensive footage of the Hedgehog, but also because it supposedly shows Jeremy in a threeway scene with a woman and a hermaphrodite.

“We had originally planned to include the scene on the DVD release as well but many of our partner stores did not want to carry a movie with an alleged hermaphrodite," Antigua CEO Todd Blatt said. "So we edited that segment out, but the early release to HotMovies means their customers have the only opportunity to view this spectacular and rare scene, which Jeremy carries off with his trademark humor, sass and sexiness.”

HotMovies Director of Business Development James Cybert said he watched the scene in question and had his doubts.

“The whole movie is chock full of great, rare clips,” he said. “But there is definitely something that fascinated me about scene 14 in particular. Not to be a doubting Thomas, but I had to re-watch that scene a few times. Anyway, we are thrilled to work with Antigua on these special pre-releases, especially when we can say we are the only place to find such amazing footage.”