Blowguard Introduces Blow-Vibes

LOS ANGELES — Blowguard manufacturer J2 Enterprises LLC has introduced the Blow-Vibe, replaceable vibes for the Blowguard.

Each package of The Blow-Vibes contains two vibes that last 30 minutes each, and are easy to place into the Blowguard. They can be used on a variety of sex toys. The Blow-Vibes operate on a hearing aid battery and retail for $9.95 with free shipping.

“If the Blowguard is sure to add something new to your sex life, the Blow-Vibes are going to knock your socks off,” said Dr. Joe, creator of the Blowguard and the Blow-Vibes. “I am excited to get this new product to market, and am filling the needs of the customers who have demanded this product.”