Doc Johnson Sex Toys to Appear on CBS’ ‘Rules of Engagement’

Anne Winter
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — A collection of adult products by novelty manufacturer Doc Johnson is slated to appear on the season finale of “Rules of Engagement,” airing Monday on CBS at 9:30 p.m.

Jordan Byrnes, part of Doc Johnson’s publicity team at Fifteen Minutes PR, told XBIZ that the program’s set designer contacted the team and was familiar with the brand’s variety of product and fast-turnaround.

“She knew that Doc had a variety of product and the capability to deliver on short notice,” Byrnes said. “We supplied an entire store’s worth of product — wall displays, shelf displays, point-of-purchase displays. We looked at it from a branding point-of-view, and they looked at it from colorful visual standpoint.”

Byrnes said almost every scene of the episode, entitled “Sex Toy Story,” involves sex toys, and much of the show’s comedy revolves the characters’ interaction with vibrators.

The female characters host a sex-toy party, and the cast heads to an adult shop to purchase items for the event. Byrnes said the show was originally supposed to air as episode eight, but the final cut was so funny, the network decided to hold it and make it the season finale.

“This is a testament to the fact that that the cliché taboo of adult novelty is slowly but surely being lifted,” Byrnes said. “This is not late-night HBO, it’s not pay cable, this is network TV. This is prime time.”

Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson’s director of product development and licensing, told XBIZ that these kinds of branding opportunities are exactly the types he and Fifteen Minutes seek in mainstream entertainment.

“It’s a constant goal to introduce our product to the mainstream masses, and using a vehicle like primetime network TV is a home run for us,” Braverman said. “This, along with our future TV and film collaborations, is a perfect example of the continually disappearing taboo attached to our industry.”