Summer Nyte to Streak White House for Katrina Victims

Matt O'Conner
NASHVILLE — Adult Film actress Summer Nyte, owner of boutique porn studio Summer Nyte Video Productions, is auctioning her body as advertising space for a planned streaking of the White House on an unspecified date.

More than 6,500 eBay users have viewed Nyte’s ad, and several dozen have bid to have the starlet tattoo their logo on her chest — along with a protest statement against the Bush Administration — then dash in front of the White House in the nude.

Nyte completed two rounds of bidding already, with the highest bid so far coming in at $7,950. She currently is running a third round of bidding, and says she will donate a portion of the proceeds to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Nyte has not yet decided on whether she will use a temporary or permanent tattoo.

Nyte says streaking is an effective way to raise money for a worthy cause, an outlet for her feelings about the president’s policies — and a pretty good publicity stunt.

“Being from Dallas, I’ve always had a dislike for George W. and his politics,” Nyte told XBiz. “I had to find a way to tell him how I and — apparently by his approval rating — most of America feel.”

In an attempt to stay one step ahead of the Secret Service, Nyte said only the winning advertiser and one major news organization will be let in on the details of the stunt ahead of time, including the exact date it will take place.

She says she is aware that there is “a big chance” she will be arrested for public indecency and has her attorney standing by to make bail. The possible legal repercussions will only fan the flames of media interest and give the story legs, she reasons. Any publicity is good publicity, as long as the cause is right.

Among the parties that already have shown an interest in the unique advertising opportunity is gambling website, which often sponsors boxers (who paint the URL across their backs before fights) because gambling operations are restricted from most conventional forms of advertising.