Boulevard Snags BIG Video Catalog

JC Adams
MISSION HILLS, Calif. — The voluminous BIG Video catalog has been picked up for exclusive worldwide representation by Boulevard Distribution. Its roster includes titles that have been virtually unavailable for years, among them acclaimed blue movies helmed by mainstream-crossover director Wash West.

The BIG catalog — also known as All Male Releasing — additionally boasts "dozens of military-themed gay films which have never been available on the wholesale market," Boulevard principal Andrew Goode told XBIZ.

"These films were available via limited mail order only, if someone had the wherewithal to find them. At present BIG Video is only using my company for DVD wholesale to distributors and stores on a worldwide basis. I have been chasing them down for months. There is an enormous treasure trove of movies. Sifting through them has been a labor of love."

Additional marquee titles are West's "Dr. Jerkoff and Mr. Hard" (1996), "Toolbox" (1996) and "Naked Highway," which became one of gay adult's most-awarded films upon its release in 1997.

As Wash Westmoreland, he crossed over from adult to mainstream success with the arthouse hit "Quinceañera," which won both the jury prize and audience prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 2006 as well as a Humanitas prize. It was released to theatres by Sony Classics and went on to earn $1.7 million at the box office.

"As far as I know, Wash West got his start with BIG Video. His unique brand of cinematography, artistic camera angles and creative screenwriting were all developed at BIG," Goode said. "He actually wanted to shoot 'Naked Highway' in black-and-white but rumor has it he was overruled by producers."

Goode believes West shot roughly a dozen films in the BIG/AMR catalog. "They are the big-budget titles, really unique movies. Another director we have is early work from hall-of-famer TJ Paris, who did a lot of work for BIG Video."

Although the films are only available for the wholesale market, Goode said a retail site is in the works. Contact Boulevard online, via email or call 818-892-4427 with sales inquiries.