Matt Zane Joins X-Pole in Sales and Promotions

Tod Hunter
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Producer/director Matt Zane has joined X-Pole US in sales and promotions. X-Pole US is the exclusive North and South American distributor for the X-Pole line of products, including the X-Pole, the X-Stage and accessories.

“It's a teaching experience for me," Zane told XBIZ. "This is the highest quality pole you can buy. Dance studios are buying them for their pole classes. It's a matter of educating people.”

The British-made X-Pole and X-Stage can be used as exercise equipment or for entertainers. The pole can be set to spin or remain static. The X-Stage can be carried in a standard car in the provided carrying case and can be set up in five minutes using a single hex key tool, which is provided. They have been available in the U.S. since May 1.

The products have been featured on Showtime’s “The Girls Next Door,” in scenes shot at the Playboy mansion. Zane said he would be willing to discuss product placements for adult production.

Dealers and consumers are invited to call Zane at the X-Pole US offices.