Report: Mandate, Inches, Playguy Mags to Fold

JC Adams
NEW YORK CITY — Gossip blog Gawker is reporting today in a posting titled "The Great Magazine Die-Off" that Mavety Media Group will pull the plug on its venerable array of gay adult titles.

The New York-based publishing company produced many of the category's current titles, including Honcho and Torso; Inches and its offshoots Black Inches and Latin Inches; and several titles, such as Mandate and Playguy, which began publication in the early- to mid-'70s.

A spokesperson for Mavety would not confirm or deny the Gawker report and declined to comment to XBIZ.

The company also publishes a number of non-gay-adult titles, such as Juggs and International Tattoo Art. The Gawker report mentions only Mavety's gay titles and does not indicate whether another company could pick them up.

If the Gawker report proves to be accurate, the closure of so many titles at one time would devastate the gay-adult magazine category.

In June 2008, Knight Publishing shuttered overnight and closed its straight publications as well as gay titles XXX Showcase and the annual Adam Gay Video Directory.