German All-Male Fetish Label Invades U.S. Market

SAN FRANCISCO — German all-male fetish label WAN Film is set to invade the North American wholesale-retail market thanks to an exclusive distro pact with New Barbary Coast Distribution.

The debut title under the new pact is producer-director Christian Schöler's 2007 release "Bareback Marathon Cologne" which drops May 20.

"This studio really stands apart from a lot of the others currently being distributed in North America," said Tony Valdez, New Barbary's Head of Sales. "I expect it to sell well with the other studios we currently carry, including Treasure Island Media and Hot House's Club Inferno line. It's sure to be top-10."

As its title suggests, the 106-minute title was shot on location in Cologne, Germany. A studio rep notes WAN Film and Schöler "hit the States in a storm of musk and sweat with 'Bareback Marathon Cologne.' If you know Germans, you know they fuck like machines."

"WAN Film titles are very much in line with the type of bareback DVDs we love to distribute," Valdez said. "They are raunchy, amateur-style, unscripted, hot and sweaty fuck films."

Featured action includes "a fisting scene, an oil rubdown, a bareback orgy and many hot Germans," among them Marc Coleman, Felix, Jan Losch, Niklas and Marlon.

For wholesale inquiries, contact New Barbary Coast online or via email, or call (415) 553-4073.