Cybersocket Award Nominees

Gretchen Gallen
There will be no hanging chads for this year's fourth annual Cybersocket Web Awards, which announced its nominee lists in 32 industry categories, honoring the best of the best in gay, lesbian, and bisexual websites.

Award categories cover every aspect of the industry, including Best AVS Site, Best Amateur Video Site, Best Art and Artist Site, Best Escort Site, and Best Free Adult Site.

According to Morgan Sommer, president of Cybersocket, the nominee list was assembled by Cybersocket's sales and editorial teams, as well as input from the general public.

"It is definitely a list that deserves to be nominated," Sommer told XBiz.

This year Cybersocket has added Best Original Content Site as a new category, reflecting a growing trend among many adult websites to feature exclusive, original content that they make themselves and display themselves.

"This year has been a great year for innovation," Sommer told XBiz. "New companies are coming up with new models for selling content to consumers, and the pay-per-view and pay-per-use model seems to be really be taking off."

This year's winners, as in previous years, will receive a plexi-glass, star-shaped award at the Cybersocket Web Awards Show at Internext, in conjunction with Cybersocket's gay webmaster cocktail party.

"Anybody who wants to come, gay, straight, or in between is welcome," said Sommer.

Voters can cast their ballots directly from Cybersocket's website ( in each of the 32 categories, or they vote directly from nominee sites where a Cybersocket Web Award icon is located.

The award crew at Cybersocket has taken great pains to make sure that the voting process is fair by enforcing several strict security measures, including the tracking of IP addresses so that the final award tally honestly reflects the overall sentiment of the adult Internet community.

The Cybersocket Web Award poll will close by Dec. 1.