Brit Label Triga in Bed With Valley Pro Video

JC Adams
NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — British all-male label Triga Films has climbed into bed with U.S. distribution company Valley Pro Video. Their new releases will open to the wholesale-retail market in late June beginning with "British Bad Lads."

The seven-year-old Triga has a rep for producing agro porn featuring "skins and scallies" — British slang for hooligans and the dissolute youth/sports subculture. It also is the title of one Triga's signature films.

"Triga is known for its real-life, British lad-on-lad porn and has a very loyal following," said Valley Pro director of production Andrew T. "Their productions span multiple niches and is in a class of its own."

"We are proud to be distributing the Triga titles," said Valley Pro President M. Fooks. "It is a well-known brand with unique qualities, handsome U.K. talent and filmed by street-smart British directors. We're delighted they chose us to distribute their titles and we look forward to our shared success."

Andrew Smith is co-partner and founder of Triga Films with James Crosby. He acknowledged the company's "gritty street porn" style.

"We pride ourselves with the knowledge that when we make a new film in the U.K. what follows is a glut of similar product. They do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so we must be doing something right," Smith said.

For wholesale inquiries in the United States, email Valley Pro’s M. Fooks or call 818-678-2960.