TLA Raw Lends Hand to National Masturbation Month

PHILADELPHIA — The month of May is National Masturbation Month and online retailer is lending a hand with discounts on certain solo and POV DVDs as well as select novelties.

TLA Raw bills itself as "America's friendliest peddler of scorching adult entertainment" and throughout the month of May will offer a fifteen-percent discount on "solo and POV DVDs along with some incredible masturbatory toys," a company rep said.

"TLA Raw, always the responsible organization, has embraced their role in this month of finger-fuckery and developed some bargain offers to help citizens really get it off."

The discount encompasses select straight and trans titles and is applied in the customer's cart at checkout.

"Let's face it, if it weren't for masturbation, none of us at TLA Raw would have jobs, sex lives or a reason so live so we're more than happy to give back to the masturbatory community in any way we can," said Jesse Short, TLA Raw's marketing manager.

The fifteen-percent "Masturbation Month" sale also includes a selection of sex toys "because sometimes your lubed-up palm doesn't do the trick," Short said.

National Masturbation Month was created in 1995 by San Francisco-based retailer Good Vibrations as a protest against the firing by President Bill Clinton of Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders in the wake of controversy over her suggestion that masturbation should be included as part of the sex education curricula for teenagers.

Founded in 1981, the privately held TLA Entertainment Group owns and operates four-year-old as well as and online retailer