Depth Inks U.K. Mobile Deal With Vertigo Agency

Tod Hunter
WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — Adult production company Depth Entertainment Family has entered into a deal with U.K. based mobile content distributor The Vertigo Agency to distribute its interracial and ethnic titles including "Anacondas and Lil' Mamas," "Vanilla Cakes" and "Spinal Tap."

The Vertigo Agency lets producers and studios offer their movies to mobile devices with high-speed data connections in the U.K., South Africa and Spain using a Mpex (mobile portal exchange) platform that operates across cell phone providers. Vertigo will be offering its services worldwide shortly through a new billing connection with Bango.

"There's a lot of companies that are promising to do in the future what Vertigo is doing now," said John E. Depth, performer, director and owner of Depth Entertainment Family. "I'm impressed with their service and how it'll open up a new revenue stream for my company. It also gives me entry into foreign markets in a format besides DVD."

Dean Butler, cofounder of The Vertigo Agency, said that his company looks forward to bringing Depth's productions to a new audience.

"There's really no viable way for American producers to get their content on mobile phones in the states," he said. "The cell companies won't touch anything X-rated. But there's no such barrier in most of the world. We're up and running and making our partners money now."

The duration of the agreement was not announced.