EMM Report Launches Interactive Blog

Steve Javors
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult and mainstream photo agency EMM Report has launched an interactive blog that allows surfers instant access to the group’s latest photos and event coverage.

EMM Report, which supplies many photos to XBIZ Premiere magazine as contributing photographers, launched the site as the first step of it’s planned robust web presence.

“It's just a sample taste to whet the appetite compared to what's coming,” said Dr. X, the assistant editor in charge of content direction. “We like to call it Phase One, because it sounds ominous.”

The free blog mainly features photos shot at adult and mainstream red-carpet events, premieres and exclusive parties.

“It’s not the standard news type of thing,” EMM photojournalist Sherman said. “On any given day, you may see Hugh Jackman and the ‘Wolverine’ premiere along [with] Ron Jeremy at the ‘One-Eyed Monster’ screening. This is basically a place where anyone can go to get all exclusive content for free, with a few words added for the cerebral crowd.”

In the meantime, the EMMReport.com website is still in development.

“We’ve been really, really driving more than one web designer nuts with the creation of this site,” Dr. X said. “It has to be perfect or we will not launch it, I don’t care how much money it may cost, or how much possible revenue we may lose; until we are happy, it will not go live.”

The EMM Report blog updates daily.