XFANZ TV Talks Sex With Sunny Leone, Justine Joli

Tod Hunter
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — XFANZ TV listens in on a chat between performers Sunny Leone and Justine Joli on the set of "Intimate Invitation 12" with lesbian-content production company Triangle Films.

"We've known each other for, like, seven years, and we never had sex before," Leone says, before the camera gives a backstage look at their scene.

"We were talking about teabagging earlier," Joli says. "Even though this is a lesbian set — I'm sorry to all those lesbians who get grossed out by penis — but balls are fun for those of us who are bi.

"And ladies, as a scientific experiment, it is funny as hell to watch how they move," Joli says, before going into more detail.

"Intimate Invitation 12" also features Anna Stevens, Penny Flame, Sunny Lane, Daisy Layne, Charlie Laine and Diane Deluna.

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