Real Touch to Get Sneak Preview at Exxxotica Miami

Bob Preston
MIAMI — Visitors to the Exxxotica Miami Beach sex exposition will get an advance look at AEBN's highly touted Real Touch interactive device.

AEBN tapped no less than a former NASA engineer to conceive and construct the Real Touch device, which looks like a small torpedo and simulates sex in conjunction with images onscreen.

"Until now, people could only experience movies through two senses — sight and sound," AEBN CEO Scott Coffman said. "What we wanted to do was bring the next sense to the equation, which is the sense of touch. The level to which we are taking it is unprecedented."

Real Touch makes use of haptic technology, which refers to any interactive device that includes the sense of touch in its activity. A simple example is a videogame controller with a rumble pack. A less simple example is a laser-scalpel that responds to biological stimuli.

Naturally, the adult industry has helped blaze new trails with this kind of technology.

“RealTouch will revolutionize adult online video the same way Wii changed the gaming sector,” Coffman said. “The difference is that with Wii you have to create the action while RealTouch lets you receive the action.”

AEBN employees spend copious amounts of time encoding each video for the device — something on the order of eight hours for every 15 minutes of video.

Exxxotica Miami Beach runs tomorrow through Sunday.