Falcon, Baskit Underwear Strike Promo Deal

JC Adams
SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon Studios performers Bobby Clark, T.J. Hawke, Jason Pitt and their "Dripping Wet 2" castmates will sport skivvies provided by /baskit/ Underwear as part of a newly inked promo pact.

"Dripping Wet 2" is currently in production in Palm Springs, Calif. Featured players joining Clark, Hawke and Pitt include Aden and Jordan Jaric, Turk Mason, Spencer Reed and newcomer Heath Anthony.

The men will don various styles of underwear onscreen from the current /baskit/ collection. Additional promotional hooks include BTS material shot by performer Erik Rhodes, and the company's erotic version of the popular "Adidas Jersey Swap" promotional microsite.

Falcon plans to turn the "Dripping Wet" series into a yearly summer event bolstered by sponsorship from an underwear or clothing company. "Working with different underwear companies gives us and the participating company endless promotional opportunities that really have no expiration date," said Troy Prickett, Falcon's Director of Promotions.

The Jarics will make a string of personal appearances throughout gay pride season to flack both companies. They are currently set for gay pride festivities in Salt Lake City and Portland, Ore., in June.

"This partnership is a win-win situation for all of us," Prickett said.

Falcon struck a similar marketing deal with Ginch Gonch underwear to tout the original "Dripping Wet" in 2006 featuring Roman Heart on the DVD insert wearing branded skivvies.

"We're always looking for new and exciting ways to not only introduce our brand to men, but also showcase our latest collections," said /baskit/ owner Eric Schwers.

"So when Falcon approached us on the film we were definitely interested. Admittedly, partnering with Falcon Studios is a new adventure for us but our brands are actually a great fit as we both encourage men to show off their baskets."

The original "Dripping Wet" cover featuring Heart was a promo bonanza for Falcon and Ginch Gonch. "That photo not only has become an iconic image for us but it was used countless times from coast-to-coast as Roman made almost 50 live personal appearances promoting both companies," Prickett told XBIZ.

"I am completely confident the new cover image will become as iconic as Roman Heart from the first film," he said. "With pride celebrations and the summer club-touring season ahead there will be a lot of our cast members on the road promoting 'Dripping Wet 2' and /baskit/ underwear."

An additional marketing hook involves Falcon exclusive Erik Rhodes personally shooting BTS content to be included as a DVD bonus feature.

"Dripping Wet 2" cast members also will film a version of the popular "Adidas Jersey Swap" promotional microsite. On the site, hunky rugby players Jimmy Cowan, Tamati Ellison, Richie McCaw, Liam Messam and Ali Williams are depicted wearing various team jerseys. Viewers are then invited to pick any two athletes and watch as they strip off their jerseys —a slow-motion option is included — and exchange them.

"It’s a pretty brilliant move by Adidas," Prickett said. "So we are doing our own version with our guys and /baskit/. It should be cool."

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