SEGuru Launches Web Radio

Gretchen Gallen, a subsidiary of Absolute Marketing International, threw its hat into the web radio arena this week with plans to launch Rainmaker, a webmaster-geared radio program that will air weekly on the TAW Radio Network.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, SEGuru is best known for its do-it-yourself membership site for expired, previously successful, and on-hold domain names. The company's new radio feed will debut on Sept. 25 at 4:00 p.m. (PST) and 7:00 p.m. (EST).

SEGuru President Brandy Babin, wife of company founder Daron Babin, told XBiz that Rainmaker is a show for webmasters by webmasters.

"Even the stuff they didn't even know they needed," Brandy told XBiz. "We're all about education."

Rainmaker's target audience is anyone doing business on the Internet, with a special focus on adult and high competition arenas. The first show will be two hours and subsequent shows will be one hour.

According to Brandy, the name of the show was deliberately picked because it means "a person who has the ability to initiate or ensure success."

"The people who will come on our radio show are the ones we consider to be the rainmakers," Brandy told XBiz. "They have the information for webmasters to continue to meet and exceed their goals and that's our mission: to always bring vital information to the webmaster community, or to anyone else doing business on the web. And to make sure they are reaching as far as they possibly can and staying as healthy as they possibly can."

Rainmaker's premier radio segment will feature a re-cap of the PubConference in London, where SEGuru pre-taped interviews with conference participants.

PubConference is the brainchild of Brett Tabke, the man who founded Webmaster World five years ago.

The first show will also feature exclusive interviews with executives from big-name Internet search engines like Overture, Kanoodle, E-Spotting, and Google.

Show sponsors include PSW Billing, XXXCash, ARS,, The Erotic Networks, X2K, AOE and World Telemedia.

"Most companies are born on one principal that is either sales-driven or tech-driven," Brandy told XBiz. "But many of them never seem to have all the principal qualities needed to be a well-rounded organization and for them to grow and excel on the Internet."

Other Rainmaker show topics will cover the Visa/Mastercard chargeback policy going into effect Oct. 1, and other issues related to billing, processing, banking, traditional and non-traditional advertising, traffic, marketing and public relations.

SEGuru is also open to show topic suggestions from the webmaster community or show-specific questions they would like to have aired. A schedule of Rainmaker show topics will be posted on the SEGuru site where listeners can submit feedback.

As for Brandy's crossover to the adult entertainment world from a more traditional business background: "The adult space still eludes me," she told XBiz. "It has a funky rhythm to it. But there are some of the nicest people in this industry, and I feel very proud to be a part of it."

To tune into Rainmaker on Sept. 25, either visit or follow the Rainmaker link at: http:/// .