Debi Diamond, Bionca Seven Start Production Company

Tod Hunter
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Veteran performers Debi Diamond and Bionca Seven have announced the formation of a new production company, D-7 Productions.

"We have two sides to the company," Diamond told XBIZ. "The goddess Miss Seven is a dominatrix — after being married to Bruce [director Bruce Seven, who died in 2000] for so long — she is doing the dominant thing, on men, on women, on me, anyone who wants to partake.

"My side, 'The D Line,' is all about sex."

The company has shot some 20 scenes already, Diamond reports. The plan is to release them on DVD, and clips are available for viewing on the Clips4Sale website.

The company uses new talent, and all work is on a volunteer basis. A short application form asks would-be talent for name, stage name, availability and preferences for their scene.

"We have an ongoing call for talent. We try and shoot almost every weekend. New people are hard, you never know if they're going to work out," Diamond said. "But we've been lucky. The men have been doing great. We have also used some professionals like Tiki and Marcus London. He was amazing.

"We're getting a lot of calls from 'jaded old-timers.' Some are looking to get some content, and they can have ownership in the scene if they want. And everybody's interested in the newcomers."

D-7 Productions can be reached at