FSC, Sureflix Podcast Tackles Piracy

TORONTO — The issue of piracy in adult media was addressed by industry leaders Diane Duke and Eric Johnson for a podcast produced and published by social media site and “sex information network” Sin 2.0.

Johnson is the president and CEO of video-on-demand network Sureflix Digital Distribution and Duke is executive director of advocacy org Free Speech Coalition.

"This podcast provided a great opportunity to ask the questions that are on everyone's mind. Piracy is something that affects every single person in this industry," Johnson said. "The more knowledge we have on this subject matter, the more effective we will be in our fight to end piracy."

Duke said the degree to which piracy affects the entertainment industry is misunderstood. "FSC and Sureflix have worked together to educate the adult entertainment industry on the initial steps necessary to protect content.

"This podcast has allowed us to expand our reach and educate consumers, a natural next step," she added.

A site rep said the 42-minute podcast covers topics ranging from tube sites to the actual scope of piracy and when a promo clip moves "from marketing to harmful material."

SiN2.0 bills itself as a "social news site dedicated to all things sex." Their Adult Webmaster Podcasts, hosted by J-Sin and GC, are published on a weekly basis.