Fleshlight Reaches 2M Units, Rolls Back Price

Rhett Pardon
AUSTIN, Texas — Makers of Fleshlight are rolling back prices to its debut price of $49.95 throughout the month of May to celebrate the sale of its 2 millionth unit.

“At a moment like this we are grateful to all of our customers, and all of the people that have made our product into what it has become today,” ILF Inc. CEO Steve Shubin said. “To see something that began as a mission to help men find a safe and pleasurable outlet for self-gratification, transform into an international phenomenon is truly something special.”

Parent company ILF Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer and marketer of the top-selling Fleshlight sex toy for men, which is manufactured in the U.S.

The Fleshlight, which debuted 10 years ago, was designed by Shubin, who was looking for a similar device when his wife was pregnant and was told to abstain from sex. Unable to find something that imitated the feeling of vaginal sex, he created his own item.