Evolved Launches Bottle Rocket Vibe Concept Packaging

Anne Winter
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Evolved Novelties has released its Bottle Rocket collection of mini vibes packaged in a youthful concept that strays from the company’s signature style.

Evolved President Greg Alves told XBIZ that he came up with the idea of packaging the set of petite colorful wand vibes in little plastic cola bottles during a 4th of July party.

“We were talking about playing with fireworks as kids and how we used to set palettes up and shoot bottle rockets at each other,” Alves said. “It came to me right then.”

Evolved’s existing collection of full-size vibes are packaged in stylized tins, and Alves said the Bottle Rockets were designed to appeal to a more youthful, playful audience and needed a new packaging concept to match.

“It took eight months back a forth [to perfect the design],” Alves said. “We had the mini vibe done and we needed a concept but didn’t know which direction to take it. This works in mainstream stores because there’s nothing adult on it. It has a playful side and a ‘take care of business’ side.”

Alves said he had no doubt this will by far be a No. 1 best seller for Evolved. So far his customers love the collection because it’s “different and fun,” and, especially because of its customized display case, the entire line easily can be displayed front and center in retail stores.

“This is a big summer push,” Alves said. “We’re packagers, and we’re constantly looking for new and better ways of doing it. [Bottle Rockets] are easily stocked because of their size, and the display is cute.”

Alves said he and his team of designers already have another new packaging concept in the works for Evolved’s upcoming silicone collection, which will be ready for reveal later this summer.

He said the company’s existing lines will continue to be produced and packaged in their signature metal tins, but new collections will be released with completely different “innovative” packaging.