Webmaster Central's Gay Feed

Tina Reilly
Florida-based Webmaster Central launched its newest premium broadband package this week called Premium Gay, Andy Alvarez, president of Webmaster Central, told XBiz.

Webmaster Central has made a name for itself since its inception two years ago as a leading provider of high quality video plug-ins that provide quality streaming for both 56k modems and broadband connections alike.

Through a long-awaited deal with Legend Video, Webmaster Central was able to develop what it is calling a "top-notch" premium gay feed for all the big players in the industry like Penthouse, CyberErotica, SilverCash, and TopBucks.

Premium Gay joins the Ultimate Pic Gallery, Babe Watch, College Confessions, Naughty Nymphos and many more as Webmaster Central's growing selection of premium streaming broadband content for gay or straight paysites.

According to Alvarez, all premium package movies are full-length, updated bi-weekly, and are available in the biggest screen size at 480x390, which according to Alvarez creates a television-like effect.

Alvarez also told XBiz that he has two brand new reality feeds in the works, although they are not yet ready for porn primetime.

In partnership with Matrix Content, Webmaster Central is also on the verge of launching another Premium package called Late Night Library, which Alvarez says is a one-stop-shop for small to medium webmasters, complete with a full-length movie, movie pictures, and clips.

On the other shoe, Alvarez is also a co-host on Talk Hard Radio with Holly Moss on the XBiz Radio Network.