TranslationsXXX Adds SEO Services

ATLANTA — Adult content translation provider TranslationsXXX has expanded to include multilingual SEO services.

“We are very pleased to offer this increased level of translation service,” said Lucie, TranslationsXXX director of business development. “Translating to expand reach is growing rapidly, and with added SEO services, we can bring our clients the most in their diversification.”

TranslationsSEO offers a full-service localization and optimization for web sites in Italian, English, Spanish, French and German. Some of these services include keyword research, title and meta tag creation, internal linking, keyword rich content editing and creation, among other services.

“The addition of the SEO services was really a response to the needs of our customers,” Lucie said. “We now have SEO specialists in five languages onboard and have already begun optimizing translated pages for our existing clientele. By pairing the SEO and translation services we’re allowing clients to really make the most of their websites into new markets overseas.”