Liberator Teams With Real Doll for Online ‘Documentaries’

Anne Winter
ATLANTA — Erotic furniture designer Liberator has partnered with the makers of the Real Doll to create a series of humorous and instructional videos for viewing in the “Backstage” section of

Liberator Web Editor Dawn Hill told XBIZ that the two companies met up in January, and a mutual desire for unique collaboration inspired the documentary series. In return, Real Doll will offer Liberator Shapes via a drop-ship program.

”All of the shorts will have Real Doll participating in the daily life of Liberator — things change here all the time and there is always something new happening, so it should be interesting,” Hill said.

Real Doll Media Manager Amanda Thompson told XBIZ that the two brands’ products go well together, and the collaboration is meant to expand each other’s client bases while highlighting their work.

“We’re really excited to see what they come up with,” Thompson said.

Thompson also said that as soon as the male version of the Real Doll — something the company has been working on for almost a year now — is ready, the company will send one to Liberator so that both genders can be represented on camera.

“They will be ready in the next couple of weeks,” Thompson said. “We’re putting the finishing touches on the finished products. Each is hand-sculpted from scratch and pulled from molds made by hand. It’s been a long process.”

Liberator CEO Louis Friedman said that the company is excited to start the documentary project, and has been brainstorming plot ideas.

“Starting with an interview, we will assess her interest and aptitude in all ‘positions,’ Friedman said. “I am certain that we will find a job suitable for someone with such extensive experience.”

Both Liberator and Real Doll have received mainstream exposure and buzz from recent mainstream film “roles” — Liberator Shapes played parts in the Coen Brothers’ “Burn After Reading” and the upcoming Philip Seymour Hoffman film "Jack Goes Boating," while Real Doll starred alongside Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling in “Lars and the Real Girl.”

The short films should be available for viewing next month, Hill said.