RockHard Products Signs Distribution Deal

Rhett Pardon
TUSTIN, Calif. — RockHard Laboratories has signed a marketing deal with Health and Wellness Partners for distribution of RockHard Weekend, a nonprescription supplement designed to improve sexual performance.

Health and Wellness Partners is a division of Zealous Inc., which previously was known as Adult Entertainment Capital, an investment fund.

RockHard Weekend, which debuted last November, is a blend of 13 herbal ingredients in one capsule that makes men “bigger, harder and longer.” One pill costs about $8.

Health and Wellness Partners plans to distribute RockHard products in California through bars, lounges, nightclubs, liquor stores, markets, recreational venues, major retailers and chain stores. The company also plans to launch a series of TV infomercials; RockHard products currently are advertised on Playboy Radio.

“We believe [Health and Wellness Partners] has the potential to become a valuable strategic partner in our plans to promote the growth of RockHard Weekend,” said Trent Broers, president of RockHard Labs.

Tustin, Calif.-based Zealous also owns Zealous Interactive, which recently said it would be broadcasting its Stiletto TV program on KJLA-TV in Los Angeles. Stiletto TV is produced by the creators of Stiletto Magazine.