Kylie Ireland Remembers Marilyn Chambers on XFANZ TV

Tod Hunter
LOS ANGELES — Veteran performer Kylie Ireland shares her memories of working with Marilyn Chambers on XFANZ TV today.

Ireland was under contract to VCA when Chambers made "Still Insatiable" for the company in 1998.

"You don't forget a thing like that," Ireland recalls. "I was nervous. I was scared to death. She's a legend. She's Marilyn Chambers."

Later, Ireland started doing publicity for VCA, and the first movie she promoted was "Still Insatiable."

"I got to talk with her, and arrange interviews, and go to the conventions with her," Ireland says. "She's hysterical. She would say whatever came to her mind, and she said the funniest things."

Ireland also talks about her new production, the first feature she has ever directed.

"I've directed 50 — give or take — gonzos and some Internet scenes," Ireland says. "But I've never done a full-fledged feature. A new company came to me and said they want to make features, so I said, 'Yeah, sure, I'll make it the best damn picture I can.'

"It's my first one, so I'm having a good time with it."

The new production, "The Porn Principal," is a look at new girls and why they get into the adult industry and what happens when they get there.

"One girl gets in because she's broke. One gets in because she just turned 30 and she wants to fuck everything," Ireland says. "It's hard to explain the whole thing."

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