Exclusive Media Producers Expands Services to Include Consulting

Steve Javors
LOS ANGELES — Adult entertainment company Exclusive Media Producers (EMP) has expanded its range of services offered to include full-scale consulting.

Company president Dan M told XBIZ that he would leverage the services of a lawyer, accountant and investment banker, who are all EMP shareholders, in addition to himself and his staff, to consult for adult entertainment companies either looking to assess their current operations or to expand into new markets.

“We’d basically be diving into the company, finding out where the clogs in the drains are and loosen them up so the revenue continues to flow,” Dan M said. “Whatever the case may be, we’ll sit down with the client and figure out how we can leverage our services, expertise and experience to help them with their needs.”

EMP is offering a free consultation to companies that express interest in its services.

Dan M said that while his experience comes in product sales, EMP offers consulting in human resources, managing overhead, hard goods distribution, sales, new product rollouts, Internet content distribution and new media platforms.

EMP already has started working with companies that are seeking a leg up in a hyper-competitive market while adjusting to the overall economy.

“I definitely believe our services are becoming increasingly important given the economy and how crucial it is for companies to get a leg up on the competition,” Dan M said. “Having a consultant, or someone coming from the outside to get a birds-eye view of the operation gives them a fresh perspective. It’s no longer good enough to say ‘well, things are just tough.’ The time is now for smart growth.”

To contact Dan M, call (818) 309-3243, or email dan@exclusivemediaproducers.com.