No Doubt Drummer Sports Stockroom Cod Piece in Spin Magazine

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — In a photo spread accompanying a cover story about the recently reunited alternative rock band No Doubt in Spin magazine, drummer Adrian Young is photographed donning a shiny chrome Cod Piece from fetish gear supplier Stockroom.

The May issue of Spin includes “Clockwork Orange”-themed photographs of No Doubt. One photo captures Young wearing Stockroom’s chrome Cod Piece and Jock Harness over a pair of white pants. According to marketing coordinator Casey O’Connell, Young will also wear the piece during No Doubt's upcoming reunion tour.

A cod piece is often described as a flap or pouch that attaches to the front of the crotch of men’s trousers to provide a covering for the genitals.

O'Connell told XBIZ that the company worked with a stylist to accommodate the photo shoot.

“These unique cod pieces are handmade by a blacksmith in Australia,” O’Connell said. “They feature a thick plate of chrome lined with black suede. The cod piece snaps into a jock harness, which is sold separately. The chrome cod piece really boasts an eye-catching luster.”

The Chrome Cod Piece retails for $148 and the Jock Harness sells for an additional $99 on

According to O’Connell the inclusion of the fetish piece conveys a positive message for both Stockroom and the band.

“Historically, music is known for being an art form that has, at times, successfully fused fetishism with the mainstream,” O’Connell said. “Adrian is known for being the wild child in the band, consistently pushing the limits of what is ‘acceptable’ and what is not.

“The way he showcases this eye-catching cod piece is both extremely confident and edgy, which may spark the question, ‘does this make me feel uncomfortable, or do I like it?’ As an innovative fetish company, if we continue to provoke curiosity via mainstream appeal, then we are moving in the right direction.”